Small Beginnings...

In 2010, Peek-a-Boo Baby started offering 3D/4D Ultrasounds based out of the Parsons Doctor's Clinic in downtown Red Deer. The clinic specialized in pre-natal, maternal care, so it was a perfect fit. As word got out, we began seeing baby after baby and we fell more in love, every single time. After nearly three years in that location and hundreds of sweet little faces, we were determined to find another spot - so we set out on a mission.
We did it! And, we’ve never looked back. 

In late 2012, we were lucky enough to finally open up our own storefront in downtown Red Deer's trendy 'revitalization zone' where we seriously thought our dreams had come true (it has its own private bathroom - something our other location did not and let's face it, this is something every expectant mama needs!). 

Since then, our dreams continue to grow. We have shared moments with thousands of babies: watching their movements, seeing them smile, hearing their tiny little heart beats and sharing the most amazing of moments with the most amazing of families.  

Every Ultrasound we do is unique and every baby we see, melts our heart. This is just one of the reasons that we can truly say, from the very bottom of our hearts, that  "We believe in LOVE .... at first sight." 

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Love Letters

 "We just want to thank you so much for the wonderful experience you gave us at our 3D ultrasound. It was an amazing experience. Thank you for spending the time with us to get the best images possible. It was so appreciated. Your kindness, generosity and professionalism made it absolutely great for us!" 

 "The One Peek Package was amazing! We got to meet our baby, clearly see that he was a little boy and bring home all of the keepsakes to share with the rest of the family."  

 "Thank you so much, we had an amazing time... it was so awesome! We can already tell that our little man has quite the personality. Your office is really welcoming and the bed super comfy! We will be letting everyone know about this place... so worth it. Thank you again." 

"I will be recommending Peek-a-Boo Baby to everyone I know! Thank you for such an incredible bonding experience!" 

 "Thank you for the most wonderful experience! Your staff is warm and total professionals. 
I couldn't have asked for anything more!
Made my day :) xoxo" 

 "Our children just loved hearing the baby's heartbeats and my husband couldn't believe how much closer he felt to our baby gift after seeing her in 3D. Thank you for making this unforgettable for all of us."